How to Look Fabulous in Layered Jewellery

Do you want to take your fashion style to a new level? Read on and discover how you can look fabulous by layering your jewellery.

Pay Attention to Width

Layering jewellery can easily make you to look overdressed if you don't give careful thought to the different pieces of jewellery that you choose to wear at the same time. The best way to pull off a fabulous look with layered jewellery is to select pieces of different widths. For example, select a thin necklace and pair it with a thicker one. Those two items will complement each other. Are you worried that you don't have the money to buy thin necklaces that can be paired with your thick ones? Get creative. For example, a thick necklace can be made to look thinner by removing its pendant.

Play With Shapes

You are less likely to look fabulous if you layer rings that have the same shape. This is because the different rings may look like one large ring, especially if you wear them on the same finger. How then can you layer rings? Select rings that have different shapes. However, make sure that those shapes are closely related. For example, an oval ring will look perfect when it is layered with a round ring. This careful attention to shape will give you a sophisticated look that will appear effortless. You can start by wearing the different rings on the different fingers of the same hand. You can then have them on the same finger when you feel comfortable with wearing layered rings.

Make Collars Your Friend

You can also consider creating a "collar" when you layer different items of jewellery. This effect can be achieved by selecting the chunkiest necklaces that you own. Start by selecting two such necklaces and wear them together. Make sure that one of those necklaces is slightly longer than the other. However, the overall length of those chunky necklaces should be short enough that their ends can be visible when you are wearing a collared blouse or shirt. You can increase the number of necklaces that you "collar" once you gain more experience and become more comfortable with this trend.

The best way to look fashionable is by making it appear as through you didn't invest a huge amount of time into selecting the different items that you are wearing. The tips above will enable you achieve just that when you layer your jewellery. Talk to jewelers for more advice in case your current jewellery collection cannot enable you to layer your jewellery effectively.  

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