Discerning Which Shutter Design Would Suit Your Home

Shutters are one of the best investments in your home since they are highly versatile. Not only do they make an elegant addition to your home, but they also can help in boosting the comfort of your interior while enhancing the value of your residence. Nonetheless, when considering the installation of shutters, you can become daunted by the myriad choices available. A simple trick to making the right decision would be to know what your immediate needs are and narrowing down your options to what would provide this for you. Here are a few types of shutter designs you could consider to help you discern what would be suitable for your house.

Café design shutters

This style of shutter is characterised by typically covering the lower half of your windows, which leaves the top half of your windows exposed. The design functions to allow maximum illumination in your home, while still ensuring you have a degree of privacy. They are an excellent choice for rooms that are on the same level with a busy street, as they make sure prying eyes will not have a glimpse of your home. Café design shutters also work well when used in tandem with curtains, so you would not have to get rid of your former window treatments when you install them.

Solid design shutters

As their name implies, this style of shutter is characterised by solid panels of material rather than having multiple slats as regular shutters. They are also designed to fit within your entire window frame, so they have to be custom made for your individual window specifications. Solid design shutters open and shut much in the same way as bi-fold doors, so you get the flexibility to control how much light you would like to penetrate your home. The solid panels also have the propensity to block out all illumination when the shutters are closed, making them ideal for bedrooms. Another advantage of solid design shutters is that they provide a level of sound insulation too.

Tier design shutters

This style of shutter come with two sets of shutters that have been fitted within a single frame. The greatest advantage of this design is that it provides homeowners with the ability to open and close each tier separately. For instance, if you would like to maintain your privacy but would like to let some light in the room, you could open the top tier and leave the bottom tier closed.

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