Factors to Consider before Starting a Boat Repair Business

Going into the marine repair business is a tempting proposition. Apart from outboard motor service, there are a plethora of additional services you can offer to make a profit. However, starting a marine repair business requires thorough preparation. Part of such planning entails operational aspects of the business. This article highlights a few insights that will help guarantee smooth entry into the boat repair industry. 

Parts Distribution -- First, you need to understand that if you are going to run an outboard repair business, you need to have a network of parts distributors. Note that the operative word here is 'network' and not a single distributor. The reason you need a couple of distributors is attendance to clients from various locations. Notably, it makes a lot of sense to access a distributor that is close to your customers' locality. Having a network of parts distributors will ensure that you can get parts delivered wherever you want them and at competitive costs. The best way to build a network of distributors is to attend boat manufacturer conventions and exchange contacts with sales representatives. 

OEM or After-market Parts -- As mentioned previously, you need to build a network of distributors for your marine parts business. However, you must decide whether to go for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or after-market parts. It is important to remember that both options offer high quality. The difference is that OEM boat parts come straight from a manufacturer's production line, which makes them more expensive. Therefore, you have to charge more for OEM parts. On the other hand, some customers don't mind installing after-market parts on their boats. Therefore, understand what the market wants first regarding the quality of outboard motor parts before making your first order. 

Round-the-Clock Capability -- There is nothing more annoying than organising an evening boat cruise for friends and families, only to realise that the engine won't start. To avoid such incidences, most clients hire the services of a company that provides round-the-clock repair services, which is a niche you can explore. However, providing 24-hour outboard service is no mean feat. You must be well prepared to handle the demands. For instance, if you intend to run the business alone, there is no point in announcing to clients that you offer emergency services because when you are not available, there would be no one to fill in for you; consequently, clients will look elsewhere. Most importantly, evaluate your capabilities before announcing that you offer emergency, round-the-clock services to avoid disappointing clients.   

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