Tips for designing branded workwear for your small business

Workwear is important for keeping employees productive and safe while at work. However, you can also use these items to elevate your brand. As a small business, achieving constant growth will be key to success over the years. Your workwear is a valuable asset that you can take advantage of to attract more customers and establish a business identity.

Elevating your brand through workwear goes far beyond slapping a logo on t-shirts or hats. It's a strategic process that involves the quality of each clothing item, design and colour selections and much more. Here are some useful tips that will help you design branded corporate wear and attract more customers.  

1. Consistency is key

The best way of elevating your brand is by being consistent. From your workers to your offices, people should be able to easily identify your business identity and connect with it. But how can you achieve consistency?

Start off by designing/purchasing workwear that has a uniform design. For example, your hats, t-shirts, pants and shoes should all have a common design that matches your company's identity. This could be done by using a clearly visible logo, a consistent colour or a particular material.

Also, ensure that the quality of your workwear is high so as to give off a professional look to your team.

2. The apparel should speak to your brand

Your workwear should also be a reflection of your brand. For example, if you emphasise environmental sustainability, choosing green colours or sustainable materials for your workwear is a good idea.

If professionalism is a priority in your business, make sure all your workwear has an official and high-end touch to it. This may include branded ties, branded t-shirts and items with a high thread count. Simply put, a customer should be able to look at your workwear and immediately establish a connection between the clothing and your brand.  

3. Safety and comfort is important

As you select the perfect designs for your workwear, don't overlook the important principles of safety and comfort. Safety features such as proper grip on work shoes, warmth in jackets and fire resistance in t-shirts should always remain a top priority. Comfort is also critical, as your employees are more likely to be involved in your overall branding efforts if they're comfortable in what they wear.

4. Choose the right workwear company

To truly bring your branding efforts to life, you need the help of a qualified workwear company. Choosing the right company will help you explore different designs, curate your message effectively and adhere to the highest quality standards.

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