Moving Offices? The Service You Should Start Using To Make Your Transition Easier

Whenever a company moves offices there is always a realisation at just how much stuff it has been storing that is unnecessary, outdated and obsolete. One type of item that always piles up in both real life and in digital storage spaces is documents. From personnel files and customer or patient contracts to old taxes and business plans, there are thousands upon thousands of reasons why you might have a build-up of documents. Luckily there is an easy and professional way to begin taking care of your documents professionally from here on out: document destruction.

What Is Document Destruction?

Document destruction is a service where (at regularly scheduled intervals) a courier will come and collect all the unnecessary files and take them to a secure location for recycling. The term "destruction" in document destruction generally just refers to the process by which all the information on any document is destroyed, in most cases by shredding. Document destruction is useful for companies that have a large number of documents that need destruction at once (such as those moving office) or for those that have a regular stream of private information that needs to be destroyed for legal reasons. Once shredded, the paper is then recycled, making it impossible to try to recreate any of the files even if someone got their hands on the shredding scraps.

Can They Destroy Electronic Files?

As more and more companies continue to go digital (in regards to their document storage) it only makes sense that document destruction is available for this format too. If you have files that need to be destroyed for legal reasons then you should also provide the document destruction contractor with those hard drives so they can drill and dismantle them, obscuring any and all data in the process.

How Do They Take Our Documents?

If you need document destruction as a once-off service, you can order for a collection. If you realise you need a more regular collection service, then document destruction contractors can provide you with secure boxes that they routinely will come, collect and destroy the documents that are piling up at your office. This reduces the chances of someone making the wrong decision and trying to steal information because as soon as information is outdated you can create a protocol that it must be placed in the boxes awaiting destruction. There is no wait and no recourse for anyone who has ulterior motives, making document destruction an easy and affordable option at any company size.

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