3 Reasons to Install Modular Ducting in Your Factory

If your factory's ducting system needs replacing, then you can take this opportunity to upgrade your ductwork. Your old system might not work as well for you now as it did originally.

At this stage, it's a good idea to look at installing a modular system. This system basically builds a customised ducting solution from individual component parts that clamp together. What are the benefits?

1. Faster Installation

It can take time to have ductwork built to your specifications and installed. You're likely to need expert help to get the system in place.

Modular ducting systems can save you time and money. You buy component parts off the shelf and then put them together.

In some cases, you can even install your ducting yourself. These systems come with easy-to-use clamps that connect component parts so you don't need technical expertise to put them together.

2. Easier Maintenance

If your ductwork has a problem, then fixing it can be a real headache. A blockage can shut the system down; a buildup of dust and particles can prevent it from working to maximum efficiency.

It's not easy to clean and maintain some ductwork systems. Getting into a duct to deal with a problem in the middle of the system is likely to be beyond you. You may need to pay for professional troubleshooting, cleaning or maintenance.

If you have a modular system, then cleaning, fixing problems and general maintenance are a breeze. You simply unclamp a modular part to remove it. You can then clean it or sort out its problem and clamp it back into place. This saves you time and money.

3. More Flexibility

If you use a regular ducting system, then you design it to fit your needs and the space you have available. This isn't always easy. For example, if you have tight spots or a lack of space, then you might find it hard to find a system that fits.

Once installed, this kind of system is hard to adapt to meet future needs. You may need to rip it out and put in new ducting.

A modular system is easier to design if you have problem areas. You can add to the system if you need to or even reduce its size in the future. If you leave your current premises and set up your factory elsewhere, you can take the ducting with you and use it to build a new system.

To find out more about modular ducting, talk to ductwork suppliers.

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