Understanding the Best Ways to Care for Your Buffalo Lawn Rolls

Growing flowers such as scented jasmine can sometimes steal the limelight of other features of the landscape. The most popular landscaping grass in Australia is the buffalo grass. That is because of its hardy nature. Buffalo grass is strong, tolerant to shade and can stay green all year long. Also, this kind of grass can sustain more traffic compared to other varieties. 

Though buffalo grass is strong, it also needs maintenance and care. That will help it offer the best performance. If you are looking to buy buffalo lawn rolls for your business establishment, learn how to care for it. Here are essential maintenance tips for your buffalo grass.

Mowing the Grass

Trimming the lawn helps to promote horizontal growth. Thus, the turf thickens and becomes stable. The grass requires only three weeks to become established. Therefore, you can start mowing it to a height of about two centimetres. Be gentle with the first mow to avoid scalping the lawn. After that, trim the grass regularly to regulate thatch development. 

A rule of thumb when cutting the grass is to remove about a third of the grass height. Reducing more than a third of the height puts stress on the turf. If your business is located in shady areas, then increase in the mowing height. That increases the tolerance of low light conditions. 

Watering Your Grass

An essential part of maintaining a healthy lawn is watering. Ensure you use a good watering routine for the success of your turf. Regular and deep watering of the lawn enables the roots to penetrate deep into the soil. 

After the root system establishes, only water when necessary, but it is critical to provide deep watering. You can water your turf once every week during summer. Keep in mind that infrequent but deep watering encourages a healthy lawn. In winter seasons, reduce the watering intervals or do not water the turf at all. 

Fertilising Your Turf

While buffalo grass does not need a lot of maintenance, failing to follow a fertilising regimen will reduce its health. Like all living things, you need to feed your turf. Get a good quality fertiliser and apply regularly. That will help maintain a deep green colour of the grass and a healthy lawn. Organic-based fertilisers are the best ones to use. 

Fertilising the lawn during the stage of establishment is crucial. After that, use a slow-release fertiliser during important periods of the year. 


Buying and installing buffalo lawn rolls in your landscape offers many benefits for your business. The soft-textured grass requires little maintenance to remain healthy throughout the year.

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